Óbidos Medieval Fair

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 . Posted in Resort, EN, During Your Stay!, Activities

Óbidos Medieval Fair
Starting on the 11th of July and up until the 4th of August, the charming town of Óbidos will travel back in time and recreate the bustling life of a medieval European market.

Jesters, mimes and minstrels will perform for your amusement; craftsmen will demonstrate their age old arts and dozens of merchants, cooks and barkeeps will ensure that your glasses are well replenished. In the afternoon, armour-clad knights will joust for a damsel’s heart.

Activities will take place on all three stages of the Old Arms Square and around the whole town. You will also have the chance of visiting historically accurate civil and military camp sites, as well as seeing replicas of assault weapons, tools and an assortment of animals that were often traded on these markets, such as horses, ponies, donkeys, falcons and snakes.

Around 20 taverns will be serving traditional meals, fit for a true medieval Óbidos’ zone townsman. Hearty soups, grilled meat and sausages, snails, cod, quail, rabbit, hog, lamb and squid will be on the menu for just a few “torreões”. And what is a torreão, you ask? It’s the local currency of the fair, which can be simply exchanged for Euros (there is no exchange rate and they’re also nice as souvenirs).

Finally, if you like to Role Play, remember that a special rate will be available for people wearing proper medieval attire, although you won’t be required to bring your armour plate!

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